For Information on our current stock of Tantivy Black Angus Bulls and Heifers for sale. 

About Tantivy Angus

Tantivy Angus is a Black Angus cattle property located in the beautiful Mount Barker Springs and fringes the Mount Barker Summit. Tantivy is a family owned pastoral company which has been operating in the Mount Barker district since 1978 and was founded by Ray and Carol Bailey.

Tantivy carries up to 100 head of Black Angus cattle which have been bred from carefully selected premium Black Angus Studs. Tantivy showcases some of the finest Black Angus Bulls, Heifers and Steers in the Mount Barker Springs region.

If you would like to arrange a viewing to purchase Tantivy cattle, both Ray and Carol can be contacted by either phone or email and would be more than happy to arrange a time.

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